AscentGene is a leading biotechnology company that provides expertise and services for establishing cell lines used in protein expression, studying gene function, and monoclonal antibody production. AscentGene’s goal is to provide high-quality products and services to the life sciences community using innovative technologies and a highly experienced team of scientists.

AscentGene’s cell line service is perfect for expressing engineered antibodies, proteins, and enzymes for research, drug development, and other medical applications. Using highly expressive vectors and innovative selection methods, AscentGene can insure a working stable cell line in the shortest time possible. AscentGene also provides a complete protein service, ranging from subcloning and protein expression to protein purification and protein assays.

Additionally, AscentGene offers a line of active cell nuclear and cytoplasmic extracts. AscentGene’s active extracts are available from a wide variety of cell types, including HeLa, 293, CHO, MCF-7, and C6. Active extracts can be used in a number of applications, such as in vitro transcription, splicing, native protein isolation and identification, discovery and characterization of disease-related biomarkers, protein expression profiles, and protein location studies.

AscentGene has already fulfilled the needs of many academic universities, private and federal institutions, biotechnology companies, and pharmaceutical companies. The company is committed to introducing even more exceptional services and products in the near future.