The CTM™ Technology

The most common method of shipping mammalian cells is to treat them with anti-freeze solution, freeze, and then package in dry ice. Our newly developed Cell Transportation Matrix (CTM™) is an environmentally friendly, cheap, safe, and easy method of transporting mammalian cells at ambient temperature while maintaining viability and functions in a manner far superior to dry ice shipping. CTM™ can be used for both monolayer as well as suspension cells in different sizes of T-flasks and different types of plates and tubes. Most types of cells have greater than 95% viability in the presence of solidified CTM™ for 6 days and 80% for 9 days, enough time to ship the cells to every corner of the world.

The 4E Advantage of CTM™:

  • Easy to use
  • Economic shipping
  • Efficient recovery
  • Environmentally friendly